Digital camera

All pictures were shot by me with the Nikon Coolpix 995

Re-working of images

Following software was used for the re-working of images: Adobe Photoshop Elements

Archiving of images

Fotostation 4.5 of Fotoware was used for archiving of pictures.


I learned HTML 4 by reading HTML4 fürs World Wide Web written by Elisabeth Castro (ISBN 3-8272-5734-4 ... german).


Site design

For site design, the book Web Site Design / Killer Web Sites written by David Siegel (ISBN 3-86150-313-1 ... german) proved very useful to me.



The creation of this site was made possible thanks to regular consume of coffee, more specifically Nespresso Nespresso which my favorite flavours are Arpeggio, Roma and Ristretto after midnight.



Special thanks to Roman for his support. One of the sites designed by him is Fire-brigade Pratteln